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7.9.2016 at 08:00 - 31.8.2017 at 08:00


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Minimum 5 cr on tropical ecology and/or silviculture, e.g. TROP140, TROP280 or corresponding knowledge.

The student will learn to identify and explain different types of planted forests and forest plantations existing in the tropics and challenges related to their management. The student will learn to analyze and compare different management schemes of plantation forests with broad spectrum of management options, including production of timber, fiber, and different ecosystem services.

M.Sc.3rd-4th year and Ph.D. studies, IV period. Offered in even-numbered years.

Typology of planted forests and forest plantations in the tropics; role of tropical plantation forests in the world; management of plantation forests for fiber, timber and for ecosystem services; environmental and social impacts of plantation forestry; smallholder plantations; role of plantation forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Contact teaching 26 - Group work 12 - Self-study 96.

Course handouts and other materials distributed during the course are available in the web. The following literature is optional:

  • Bauhus, J., Van der Meer, P., Kanninen, M., 2010. Ecosystem goods and services from plantation forests. Earthscan. 240 p.
  • Cossalter, C., Pye-Smith, C., 2003. Fast-wood forestry: myths and realities. CIFOR. 60 p.
  • Evans, J. 2009. Planted Forests. Uses, Impacts & Sustainability. CAB International and FAO. 213 p.

Exam, individual reports, presentation of written and oral group work report. Attendance will be taken into account in final grading.

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The course 3-5 credits.

Prof. Kanninen