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6.9.2016 at 08:00 - 31.8.2017 at 08:00


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The student will learn to identify and explain types of tree-based production systems in the tropics and compare different silvicultural systems applied to different types of tropical forests.

M.Sc.3rd-4th year, IV period. Offered in even-numbered years.

Silvicultural systems used in tropical natural forests; plantation forestry; dryland silviculture; criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management; forest management planning; forest certification schemes; community and small-holder forestry; management of non-timber forest products.

Contact teaching 26 - Group work 12 - Self-study 96. The course consists of weekly lectures and home assignments.

Course handouts and other materials distributed during the course are available in the web. The following literature is optional:

  • Evans, J. 2009. Planted Forests. Uses, Impacts & Sustainability. CAB International and FAO. 213 p.
  • G√ľnter, S., Weber, M., Stimm, B., Mosandl, R. (Eds.), 2011. Silviculture in the Tropics. Springer-Verlag. 559 p.
  • ITTO. 2005. Status of Tropical Forest Management 2005. ITTO. 302 p.
  • Lamprecht, H. 1989. Silviculture in the tropics. GTZ, Eschborn. 296 p.

Exam, individual reports. Attendance will be taken into account in final grading.

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The course is 3-5 credits.

Prof. Kanninen