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Registration begins 45 days before the course starts.

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After completing the course students understand and can critically view theories and strategies of integration and ethnic diversity in a welfare state context and the encountering of clients with different ethnic and cultural identities. The particular aim of the lectures is to shed light on the Finnish case with respect to migration and minority ethnic groups.

The course is also part of the Master's Degree Program in Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity and Integration (ERI).

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For completing the course and obtaining 5 ECTS on either Bachelor’s or Master’s level,
the students have three alternatives:
1. Participation at the above listed lectures (100 % attendance) + literature exam (2
books) OR
2. Participation at the above listed lectures (100 % attendance) + 12 page essay on a
course related topic OR
3. Literature exam (3 books).

Bachelor's level:

1. Wrede, S., Nordberg, C . (toim.) (2010) Vieraita työssä. Työelämän etnistyvä eriarvoisuus. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.

2. Darvishpour, M., Westin, C. (red.) (2008) Migration och etnicitet: perspektiv på ett mångkulturellt Sverige. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

3. Anis, M. (2008) Sosiaalityö ja maahanmuuttajat. Lastensuojelun ammattilaisten ja asiakkaiden vuorovaikutus ja tulkinnat. Helsinki: Väestöliitto.

4. Skytte, M. (2007) Etniske minoritetsfamilier og socialt arbejde. (3 uppl.). København: Hans Reitzels Forlag. 267 s.

5. Kamali, M. (2002) Kulturkompetens i socialt arbete. Carlssons. 168 s.

6. A selection of articles to be announced by the examiner.

English language literature on Bachelor's level is provided by the examiner on request.

Master's level:

1. Banting, K., Kymlicka, W. (eds.) (2006) Multiculturalism and the Welfare State: Recognition and Redistribution in Contemporary Democracies. Oxford University Press. Ch. 1-3; 5-7; 9; 12-13. 248 pages.

2. Schierup, C-U., Hansen, P., Castles, S. (2006) Migration, Citizenship, and the European Welfare State: a European Dilemma. Oxford University Press. 250 pages.

3. Valtonen, K. (2009) Social Work and Migration: Immigrant and Refugee Settlement and Integration. Adlershot, Ashgate.

4. Okin, S.M. (1999) Is multiculturalism bad for women? New Jersey: Princeton University.

5. A selection of articles to be announced by the examiner (contact the examiner).

Grading: 0-5

This course is provided by the Swedish School of Social Science.

Realisation, working methods, course time and location

The study right includes one examination and two retakes. You must register for the examinations at the Swedish School of Social Science.

We reserve the right to make changes to the study programme.