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The student develops an understanding of how the churches on both sides of the Iron Curtain confronted communism and atheistic ideology. Student realizes that churches under communist regimes were tightly controlled and could not act freely. Student also sees that there were considerable differences between different parts of the Eastern Bloc.

It is recommended to attend the lectures of Unit A. If it is not possible to attend the lectures, they can be substituted by the literature of Unit B. Other suitable lectures can be found at WebOodi in section “Other information”. It is possible to complete the literature of Unit C by taking an exam or writing essays (please consult the teacher for further instructions). Of the total 10 credits at least 4 credits must be completed by an exam.

An exam of the study unit may be taken on specific faculty examinations days of “Group I”. The whole study unit must be completed in one go.

A. Lecture (2 cr): See current lectures from WebOodi “Other information”.

B. Substitutive literature (2 cr): P. E. Muehlenbeck (Ed.), Religion and the Cold War. A Global perspective (215 p., 2 cr, also as an e-book in HELKA)

C. Literature (8 cr): L. N. Leustean (Ed.), Eastern Christianity and the Cold War, 1945–1991 (350 p., 2 cr, also as an e-book in HELKA), E. E. Roslof, Red Priests. Renovationism, Russian Orthodoxy, and Revolution, 1905–1946 (259 p., 2 cr, also as an e-book in HELKA), W. Tyndale, Protestants in Communist East Germany (215 p., 2 cr, also as an e-book in HELKA), J. P. Herzog, The Spiritual-Industrial Complex. America’s Battle against Communism in the Early Cold War (288 p., 2 cr)

IMPORTANT! In the Further Information field, please write down the examiner's name. Please write also down the titles and authors of the books you have read for the examination. Also inform the examiner about possible previous study attainments (date and name of the course) connected to this particular study unit and let the examiner know if you want to have the questions in English. Please, write also down the amount of ECTS you are completing in this exam.

Opintojakson vastuuosastona toimii kirkkohistorian osasto ja vastuuopettajana Mikko Ketola (tutkimusvapaalla kevään 2016)

Kevät 2016; vastuuopettaja Juliette Day.