Kaisa_2012_3_photo by Veikko Somerpuro

3.1.2017 at 09:00 - 15.1.2017 at 16:00


1st year TRANSMED students, students in medical and dental education (1st - n years), postgradute research students.

Learning programming basics that allow the use of bioinformatics tools in R. Understanding how to use basic computational methods required for processing and interpretation of high-throughput genomic data. Learning to read and interpret bioinformatics text in articles.

Annual, sring term.

Programming basic. Sequence alignments and BLAST. Major biodatabases. High-throughput data preprocessing and analysis. Introduction to multi-variate analysis techniques. Results interpretation and the use of clinical data. Hands-on exercises on programming, analysis, database usage and visualization.

Exercises (graded) and exam.

Lecture material, Mount (Bioinformatics - Sequence and genome analysis, 2nd ed; not obligatory), articles.

50% exam, 50% exercises, grades 1-5.

Will be organized in English. Registration should be done in WebOodi.

Lectures 10 h
Practicals 10 h
Voluntary programming excercises
Exam 2 h

Professor Sampsa Hautaniemi, Medicum and Research Programs Unit. tel. 050-336 4765, e-mail sampsa.hautaniemi@helsinki.fi