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8.4.2016 at 10:00 - 20.4.2016 at 16:00


TRANSMED-students, Students in Medicine and Dentistry (study year 1sth - n), post graduates

30277 Introduction to Bioinformatics

Students who pass this course are able to:

1. Model mathematically physiological/intracellular processes.

2. Interpret multi-dimensional data with statistical, mathematical and graphical models.

3. Program larger projects with R or MATLAB programming languages.

Spring ( I or II period)

Lectures 10h (5x2h), weekly exercises, reading scientific articles, programming exercises.

Description: In this course we study key requirements of living systems and quantitative experimental methods and mathematical analysis to help understanding them. The focus is in statistical experimental design as well as in understanding data mining and mathematical modeling methods to interpret biomedical data from diseases.


Project work, exercises (obligatory) .

Lecture material, additional material, scientific articles.

Project work 80%, exercises 20%, grade scale 1-5.

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Prof. Sampsa Hautaniemi, sampsa.hautaniemi@helsinki.fi, tel. 191 25419.