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26.5.2016 at 00:00 - 27.5.2016 at 08:00


A student should master clinical examination, diagnostics, patophysiology and treatment of the patients with diabetes or endocrinological and metabolic disorders

3rd or 4th medical year

This is an integrated course including clinical endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes. Methods: Problem-based learning, Bed-side-learning, Meet the expert type of seminars


1 - 5

The number of participants: the minimum 4, the maximum 10 students.

The study module information can be found on Moodle, where there is further information about the learning objectives and the study material. The study module includes teaching sessions at HUS (Hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa) hospitals, and the full vaccination program must be accomplished according to the HUS guidelines, http://www.med.helsinki.fi/english/basic_studies/studies/medicine.html



Mentor groups  12 h

1 case related to diabetes 4h

1 case related thyroid gland 4h

1 case related to bones, calcium metabolism and hypogonadism 4h


Meet the expert seminars  14 h

Eating disorders 2 h

Metabolic syndrome 2 h

Type II diabetes 2 h

Type I diabetes 2 h

Diabetes and nephrology 2 h

Electrolyte disturbances 2 h

Lipids 2h


Bed-side-learning sessions  10 h

o Diabetes type I 2 h

o Diabetes type II 2 h

o Disease related to thyroid gland and osteoporosis 2 h

o Diseases related to pituitary gland 2 h

o Diseases related to suprarenal gland 2 h


Examining of your own patient and writing

medical report  s 4 h


Independent studies 80 h

Mode of assessment: written examination 2 h

Total hours 120 h

Senior Lecturer: Raili Kauppinen, 040 560 1434, raili.kauppinen@hus.fi

Tutorial nurse: Leena Nyman, 050 428 6489, leena.nyman@helsinki.fi