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22.10.2019 at 09:00 - 12.11.2019 at 23:59



Major and minor subject students

Students are able to analytically examine theatre historiography and apply its methods to a variety of material as well as critically assess current research and the theoretical viewpoints adopted.

After intermediate studies/in the fourth or fifth year of studies

A thorough presentation of theatre history and the theories and methods of theatre historiography.

Lecture course / essay / book examination

The literature must be agreed on with the examiner. Select 3 of the following: T. Davis & T. Postlewait, Theatricality; ed. S. Wilmer, Writing and Rewriting National Theatre Histories. C. Counsell, Signs of Performance. An Introduction to Twentieth-Century Theatre; ed. T. Postlewait, B.A. McConachie, Interpreting the Theatrical Past., E. Fischer-Lichte, History of European Drama and Theatre; C. Canning and T. Postlewait (eds.) Representing the Past. Essays in Performance Historiography (2010); D. Wiles, Theatre and Citizenship. The History of a Practice (2011).

Lecturer of the course and/or Professor