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14.8.2019 at 09:00 - 21.8.2019 at 23:59


Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Tue 27.8.2019
09:15 - 14:45
Wed 28.8.2019
09:15 - 14:45
Thu 29.8.2019
09:15 - 14:45
Wed 4.9.2019
09:15 - 14:45
Thu 3.10.2019
09:15 - 14:45
Thu 31.10.2019
09:15 - 14:45

Other teaching

Teaching language: Finnish


Opintojakso on suunnattu sivuaineopiskelijoille, erityisesti opettajankoulutuslaitoksen opiskelijoille, mutta on avoin kaikkien tiedekuntien opiskelijoille. Lastentarhan- tai luokanopettajakoulutuksen pakolliset perusopinnot taito- ja taideaineissa ovat suositeltavia.

Student understands current art and surrounding visual culture through intertextual method.

Intertextual understanding is gained by studying art open-endedly in relation to arts and cultures. Then it is possible to find out cultural differences in order to discover the plurality of their meanings and create new ones. The differences are valuable because they show the essence of a culture as well as explain cultural history and heritage. These differences also provide possibilities for creating new global interpretations in the arts.

Whereas global culture softens the edges of cultural differences. Understanding and appreciating the differences promotes intercultural competence.

Luennot, osallistuminen ryhmätunteihin, yksilölliset, pari- ja ryhmätehtävät. E-portfolio, sisältää oppimiseen, tutkimiseen ja ilmaisuun liittyvät visuaaliset tuotokset ja teoreettiset tai taidehistorialliset selvitykset ja arvioinnin.

  • Paatela-Nieminen, M., 2008. Intertextual method for art education applied in Japanese paper theatre – a study on discovering intercultural differences. Series/Journal: The International Journal of Art & Design Education. Vol: 27, Number: 1, Pages: 91-104. Available at: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/120118370/issueyeargroup?year=2008
  • Paatela-Nieminen, M., 2009. Arts as a medium for intercultural communication. In H. Ruismäki & I. Ruokonen (Eds.), Arts Contact Points between Cultures. 1st International Journal of Intercultural Arts Education Conference: Post-Conference Book. Department of Applied Sciences of Education. Research Report 312. Pages: 65-73. University of Helsinki. Helsinki: Yliopistopaino. http://hdl.handle.net/10138/14969

Study material related to one’s own intertextual research is to be chosen thematically from the field of art and culture.

On the scale of 0–5.

Exchange students taking the course will participate on lessons on September the 4th (9.15-14.45) and October 31st (9.15-14.45). The written assignment can be completed either individually or in groups.

Martina Paatela-Nieminen