Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Disturbance dynamics of boreal forests (MER213B) 4 Cr General Examination 22.9.2017 - 22.9.2017
Disturbance dynamics of boreal forests (MER213B) 4 Cr General Examination 7.6.2017 - 7.6.2017
Disturbance dynamics of boreal forests (MER213B) 4 Cr Lecture Course 20.4.2017 - 12.5.2017


MER116 Metsäentomologiset menetelmät or similar courses on methodology of forest health/damages

Learning outcomes

The student will understand the connections among abiotic and biotic disturbance agents and the health status of boreal forest ecosystem. He/she can predict the effects of the climatic drivers, pests (insects, mammals, pathogens) and other disturbing factors on health, stability, diversity and socioeconomic values of forests. The student knows the modern methodology for disturbance monitoring and the basic principles of mitigation and adaptation of forest ecosystem to different kind of disturbances.


M.Sc. studies 4.-5. year, IV period (odd year), (Master’s Degree Programme studies)


The topic of the course will change each year, according to topical questions related to forest health. In spring term 2015, the focus of the course covers storm damages and their wide impact on both ecosystem stability and the whole human society. The course will deal with the issues of secondary insect outbreaks, forest management, survey methodology, yield value and trade, meteorology, legislation, administration by state organizations and authorities, terms of forest insurance etc. The course consists of lectures given by specialists of different disciplines, projects by students, study diary, field excursion, and literature.


K20 –H12 –R50 –I45. Lectures, seminar, excursion, project work, study diary and literature.

Study materials

Literature given during the course.

Assessment practices and criteria

Study diary, accepted project work, essay and presentation.

Additional information

See Moodle. The number of students is restricted to 20, priority given to students in Department of Forest Sciences.

Teaching in English.