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Students with microbiology as the main subject.

MIKRO200 tai MOLE140 ja MOLE150, MIKRO210, MIKRO220 tai MIKRO221, MIKRO231, MIKRO241, BKEM100, tai vastaavat opinnot.

Understanding of microbiology and its connection to other sciences, and achievement of a general view of the various subfields of microbiology.

Third year of the Bachelor's (candidate level) studies, and Master's students of the international study programmes MENVI and MScFood

Microbial metabolism and genetics, evolution of cellular life forms, diversity of microbes, microbial ecology, immunological response to microbes, microbes in industry and biotechnology.

Self study 267 h. Written and oral examination.

Madigan M.T., Martinko J.M., Bender K.S., Buckley , Stahl D.A.. 2015: Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 14. p, Pearson Education Ltd

Written and oral examination (Scale 0-5). Occasions for the examinations are informed at WebOodi as well as registration for the examination. For accomplishments need to pass all exams.

The examination may be performed in one part (4 h examination) or in two parts comprising the first and the second part of the learning material (book chapters 1-17 for the first part, and chapters 18-32 for the second part). After acceptance of the written examinations, time for the oral examination should be reserved from the responsible professor.

Professor Per Saris