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30.12.2019 at 12:00 - 5.1.2020 at 23:59


Students of all faculties, students in the flexible study rights scheme (JOO).

Starting level: CEFR A1 (pdf).

French for beginners 1 and 2, approximately three upper-secondary courses, or equivalent skills.

If you are unsure about your skills level before registering, get acquainted with the course material and evaluate your competence with respect to it, contact the course teacher or teacher tutor during their office hours or get in touch with Language Centre Academic Affairs.

After completing the course, students

• Can use many of the key structures of the French language
• Can express themselves in everyday situations, both orally and in writing
• Can understand the main content of general text and clear speech
• Are familiar with a number of French customs

  • Topics: e.g., studies, family, friends, accommodation, food, health
  • Language use situations: describing one’s life and environment, asking questions, expressing preferences, wishes and wants, describing past and future events
  • Key structures: A review of the present tense, relative, demonstrative and indefinite pronouns, the conditional, comparison of adjectives, the passé composé and the simple past

A teacher-instructed course, which includes 42 hours of contact teaching and 38 hours of independent work

Minimum course attendance: 75%


Hirschprung, Nathalie & Tricot, Tony : Cosmopolite 2 Méthode de français Niveau A2, Hachette 2017 (first part of the book)

Mater & Mathieu-Benoit : Cosmopolite 2 Cahier d’activités, Hachette 2017

A DVD-ROM with video material and audio recordings of the textbook dialogues and texts is also available.


Digiversion: Textbook and excercise book, a DVD-ROM with video material and audio recordings of the textbook dialogues and texts. The product is a card, that contains the code for the digiversion and can be bought from a bookstore.

A glossary (French–Finnish–English) for the textbook chapters, as well as a brief outline of the grammar (both in Moodle), will be used as supplementary material for both the book and the digiversion.

Based on the aspects mentioned under the course objectives. A final examination, regular participation in classroom work and completion of the individual course assignments (including an essay and online assignments or other optional studies).