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30.12.2019 at 12:00 - 5.1.2020 at 23:59


All faculties, JOO-students, also Finnish students who have not studied Swedish as Second Language (in accordance with the requirements of Finnish educational System).

Swedish for International Students 1 (Alkeiskurssi 1) is required, or equivalent knowledge and skills.

CEFR level A1:2 (pdf).

You will be able to function in most everyday situations, making use of present and past tense as well as modal constructions, expressing wishes and permission etc. You will also be able to carry out simple conversations dealing with issues related to food, history and society etc. You will be able to write simple messages in Swedish.


Both oral and written Swedish. Everyday topics are practiced such as talking about personal experiences, one's own family, shopping, health etc. Chapters 10-18 in the course book Rivstart A1+A2 are covered.

Course and exam.

Levy Scherrer Paula; Lindemalm Karl Rivstart: A1+A2 Textbok med inkl. ljudfiler. 2nd edition (2:a upplaga). 2014.
Levy Scherrer Paula; Lindemalm Karl Rivstart: A1+A2 Övningsbok. 2nd edition (2:a upplaga). 2014.

Written exam (2 h.) PASS - FAIL. If a grade certificate is required (grade 1 - 5) it will be issued.

Language of instruction: English with a gradual switch to Swedish as the course progresses.

The Language Centre requires students to attend approximately 75% of the classes. If this course is compulsory for you (students from the Faculty of Arts who haven't taken Swedish in school) but you are unable to attend the course, it is possible for you to complete it independently by studying with the course books and taking a test that includes an oral and written part. In this case, please contact Sara Leppänen: sara.leppanen(a)helsinki.fi.

You are required to regularly attend classes, do written home work assignments and actively participate in class room oral practice.

Contact teaching hours 42, independent studies about 40 hours.

Sara Leppänen