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24.2.2020 at 12:00 - 1.3.2020 at 23:59


This course is intended for students of all faculties.

This course does NOT fulfil the foreign language requirement in the Bachelor-level degree.

Starting level CEFR C1

If you are uncertain about your CEFR level (pdf), contact the teacher or the tutor before signing up.

See WebOodi (WebOodi > Instruction and courses > Course catalogues > Language Centre > English) for other courses supporting the further development of the competence provided by this course.

The aim of the course is for students to gain confidence in using English-language conventions in texts used when applying for jobs, scholarships and grants, as well as in texts typical in professional life. The intention is that students improve their ability to

  • write texts that are well-structured, concise and persuasive
  • appropriately employ the conventions of several professional text genres
  • create a basic set of application materials for personal use

Only after fulfilling the Bachelor-level degree requirements in English (Academic and Professional Communication / English Academic and Professional Skills).

The course will include

  • writing and revising CVs or résumés and cover letters, along with other application-related texts, such as motivation letters, personal statements and recommendations
  • writing brief, professional-related texts, such as memos, minutes and correspondence
  • discussing effective choices in approach and style in career-related writing
  • giving and receiving peer critique on writing
  • individually consulting with the teacher on students' own work

Moodle/other media

Students choose texts from their field to be used as materials.


The course uses self-evaluation and evaluation by the teacher.

The course includes 28 contact hours and 26 hours of independent work.

The Language Centre requires students to attend approximately 80% of the classes. Concessions may be made if warranted by the nature of the course.