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30.12.2019 at 12:00 - 5.1.2020 at 23:59


Students of all programmes and faculties, international students, JOO-students.

Starting level is CEFR B1. If you are uncertain about your CEFR level, contact the teacher before signing up. Completed Advanced Chinese 1 or have a command of some 1500 words and certain amount of grammar knowledge.

After completing the course, students are expected to be able to: 1.Master around 200 new Chinese characters in CEFR level B1. 2.Master around 600 new Chinese words in HSK5 standard. 3.Learn around 30 new grammar points. 4.Understanding short passage closely related to culture, history, science, social activities. 5.Know the differences between many Chinese synonyms. 6.Take part in conversations about familiar topics. 7.Write short passages in a standard conventional format to give adequate information and express personal preference and views 8.Enhance the skill of listening comprehension.

Master around 600 new common Chinese words towards proficiency in the four skills areas. Communicate with others in the workplace or in social activities and take part in simple conversations or express personal views with clarity. Read simple textual materials related to topics. Write short passages in a standard conventional format to convey or give adequate information.

HSK Standard Course 5 (volume 1) [Author:Jiang Liping, ISBN 978-7-5617-4033-4 ], can be acquired from Confucius Institute. Other reading, watching and listening materials prepared by the teacher.

Listening, reading and writing exercises, oral exercises in pairs and in groups, group/individual research project, long-distance video interviewing Chinese people, movie clip appreciation, home assignments.

This is a pass/fail course. Assessment is based on the aspects mentioned under the course learning outcomes and consists of assignments, participation and performance in classroom activities, presentation and the final exam.

This is a teacher-instructed course with 26 hours of contact teaching and 26 hours of independent work. At least 75% class attendance is required in order to get the credits Take the final exam of the course and deliver required presentation.

Teacher of the course: Mr. Hou Donghai. Office hour: Mon 13-14, Unioninkatu 38A119.
Course is provided by the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki.

The course is preceded by Advanced Chinese 1.