Kaisa_2012_3_photo by Veikko Somerpuro

19.8.2019 at 12:00 - 25.8.2019 at 23:59


Students of all faculties, students in the flexible study rights scheme (JOO).

Starting level CEFR A2 (pdf). Intermediate Spanish 2 arranged by the Language Centre, or equivalent skills. Good skills from upper secondary school.

  • To review and broaden previously acquired language skills
  • To improve oral communication and interaction skills
  • To deepen skills in various areas of language proficiency
  • To expand one’s vocabulary

Topics: presenting yourself in an academic environment, describing your own experiences, food and health, the environment, work, society

Skills practised: speaking, listening, reading and writing

Form of activities: work in pairs and groups

  • Regular and active participation in classroom work
  • Home assignments
  • Final examination
  • 44 hours of contact teaching and 36 hours of independent study
  • Minimum course attendance: 75%

A Spanish-language textbook, which will be specified during the first meeting. Material supplied by the teacher will also be used.

Evaluation is based on the aspects mentioned under the course objectives and completion.

Grade: pass/fail