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Students of all faculties, students in the flexible study rights scheme (JOO).

Starting level: CEFR A2-B1 (pdf)

The course aims to develop communicative skills and increase the students’ knowledge about Italy.

All year round.

  • The student completes the ALICE course(s) with an Italian exchange student.
  • The students agree on the topics to be discussed.
  • One credit is granted for 26 hours of meetings.
  • Students may complete a total of three credits of ALICE courses

Students keep a learning journal in which they record the date, duration and location of the meeting and briefly describe the topics discussed as well as what they believe they learned during the meeting.

No contact teaching.

The teacher evaluates the students’ learning based on their journals. Evaluation is based on the targets set.

Sign up by email: giuseppe.feroldi@helsinki.fi

Students can look for an Italian ALICE partner on their own or sign up with the teacher by completing the ALICE form online. The Italian students who have signed up for ALICE courses would benefit from as many Finnish students as possible also signing up online. Students who have found an ALICE partner on their own notify the teacher that they will participate in the ALICE course.

Registration by sending e-mail to the teacher: giuseppe.feroldi@helsinki.fi