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16.8.2020 at 09:00 - 7.5.2021 at 23:59


Decided jointly with supervisor

Familiarity of statistical reasoning as applied to social science topics.

Any time during doctoral studies. Periods 1-4.

Presentations by faculty, visitors and doctoral students

Ilmoittautumalla opintojaksoon SOST-9151 voi myös suorittaa vaihtoehtotoisesti opintojakson SOST-9152 Social Data Science PhD Seminar II. Ilmoita kurssin vastuuopettajalle seminaarin alkamisen yhteydessä minkä opintojakson aiot suorittaa.

By registering on the course SOST-9151 you may also alternatively complete the course SOST-9152 Social Data Science PhD Seminar II. Please inform the responsible teacher upon the beginning of the course which module you intend to complete.

Learning by example


Language of instruction: Finnish/Swedish, English

Seminar attendance