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Toteuttaja: Työväen Akatemia

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For Students of Arts, Behavioural and Social Sciences

The aim of the course is for students to activate and develop skills in the academic and professional English of their field and to gain confidence to communicate in situations relevant to their studies and professional life. The intention is that students improve their ability to

  1. understand general and academic/professional spoken English
  2. discuss/present in academic/professional English
  3. understand academic/professional English texts
  4. write academic/professional English texts on field-specific topics
  5. take responsibility for their own learning, and become more autonomous language learners, in order to promote life-long learning

Depending on the particular needs of the group, the course will include

  1. field-specific materials from a range of sources such as journals, (text) books, and the Internet, provided by students and the teacher
  2. reading the material, applying appropriate strategies
  3. writing texts relevant to the students’ academic and professional needs
  4. presenting and discussing topics related to the fields of study
  5. becoming familiar with strategies and tools for future language development

To pass the course, students are expected to engage actively in the tasks agreed upon and complete them. A variety of evaluation methods will be used, including peer- and self-assessment, portfolios and the continuous evaluation of performance. There will be no final test.

Asteikolla Hyväksytty-Hylätty

LÄSNÄOLO: Hyväksytty suoritus edellyttää läsnäoloa vähintään 80%:lla oppitunneista.

Ryhmä 1:
7.9. – 23.11.2016
ke klo 8.30-11.45 (ei opetusta 19.10.)

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