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16.8.2019 at 08:00 - 20.7.2020 at 12:00


After completing this course students will have strengthened their

· problem solving skills

· ability to integrate theory and practice by applying their field specific knowledge in a work environment

· ability to work on collaborative projects

· communication, interpersonal and other critical skills in the job search process.

and will have a deeper understanding of

· the career paths and opportunities offered by their field.

· their interests and abilities in their field of study.

and will have

· built a record of work experience.

· acquired direct employment contacts

The student will independently search for an internship position related to the her/his field of study. The length of the internship should be at least 3 months, which corresponds to 5 study credits. Longer internship can give a maximum of 15 credits. Once the internship period is over, the student will write a report on the internship and hand it in to one of the teachers coordinating the course together with a testimonial by the employer about the work done during the internship. The internship can be done in private firms, non-governmental organizations, ministries and other public offices, research institutes in Finland or abroad. The internship position should be approved by the coordinating teacher prior to its beginning.

  • Approved internship and report
  • Grading: pass/fail

Marko Lindroos, Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen

Replaces the former courses 863062 YLE18 Harjoittelu 3 cr and 81822 MAE33 Erikoisharjoittelu 1 cr.