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5.2.2020 at 08:00 - 25.2.2020 at 23:59


Fri 6.3.2020
12:00 - 16:00


Intermediate level of Microeconomics; Basic level of Statistics and Mathematical Economics; Econometrics.

After: MPOL1, MAL5, MAL15, MPOL4 or YET-205, YET- 218 ja YET-221

AGERE-A01 Price Analysis and Market Structure of the Agrifood Supply Chain I, AGERE-A02 Price Analysis and Market Structure of the Agrifood Supply Chain II, AGERE-A05 Production Economics and Farm Management, and EKM-113 Business Analysis of Growth-oriented Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (In Finnish).

This course is designed to increase students' understanding of the role of trade policy in agriculture and the effects of various trade policies and agreements on domestic and international competition, prices, consumption, production, trade, and the welfare of producers and consumers. Give students the opportunity to enhance their analytical skills.


Period 2. / every second year (2019)

The gravity model; Pure theory of international trade; Protection of domestic industry; Foreign exchange markets; Agricultural trade and economic development; Agricultural trade and the environment.

The course will be offered in the form of contact teaching and attendance is recommended. Students are required to complete two empirical research projects and participate in a final examination.

1. Won W. Koon and P. Lynn Kennedy (2005). 'International Trade and Agriculture', Blackwell Publishing

2. Michael R. Reed (2001). 'International Trade in Agricultural Products', Prentice-Hall

3. Houck, J. (1992). 'Elements of Agricultural Trade Policies', Waveland Press

4. Krugman, P.R. and Obstfeld, M. (2014). 'International Economics: Theory and Policy', Pearson Series in Economics.

The teaching of various theoretical and methodological topics related to the course is provided by the teacher and is supported by practical assignments and research projects which are adding value to students’ skills and knowledge by connecting theory, practice, and policy. The teaching is based on the active cooperation between students and the teacher.

Students are expected to complete two empirical research projects and pass a final examination successfully.

Mari Carlson

Replaces the former course

82064 MPOL18 International agricultural trade and trade theory OR
863067 YLE22.5. Vaihtuva teemakurssi