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6.5.2020 at 08:00 - 26.5.2020 at 23:59



Elementär produktionsteori (YET-211), Intermediate microeconomics (YET-202), Econometrics (YET-220).

Elementär produktionsteori (YET-211), Intermediate microeconomics (YET-202), econometrics (YET-220).

The student knows primal and dual approaches of production and cost theory and the basics of the axiomatic approach in addition to functional representation. The student is capable to apply the theory especially in agricultural production and cost analysis. The student understands the assumptions underlying his research and is capable of taking them into account in the interpretation and use of the results. Efficiency and productivity analysis in relation to production and cost theory are also introduced.

The 1st year of M.Sc. studies.

Period III / every year

On the course neoclassical microeconomic theory is applied from the perspective of agricultural firms. The lectures introduce the student to modern cost theory, i.e., the dual approach, in addition to the traditional production theory. The course covers the basic methods of frontier analysis covering both data envelopment and stochastic frontiers approaches.

The course includes lectures and contact teaching, exercises and home assignments. Reading and discussion about articles and/or writing reviews are required.

The material and exercises are available in Moodle, which make it possible to take the course partially as a distance learning course. There are no attendance requirements. The completion of the course requires the fulfillment of home assignments, exercises and the final exam.

The literature will be announced during the course.

Lectures, exercises, home assignments, final exam and course feedback.

Materials and additional information is provided in Moodle during the course.

The assessment is based on the weighted average of exercises, home assignments and final exam. The scale of assessment in 1 – 5.

Due to current COVID-19 situation general examinations in lecture halls are cancelled. You can contact the teacher to ask about alternative completion methods.

Professor Timo Sipiläinen

Replaces the former courses:

81861 MAL14 Tuotanto- ja kustannusteoria OR
863067 YLE22.5. Vaihtuva teemakurssi