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Thu 23.1.2020
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Master’s degree, visiting and exchange students in Horticulture or related disciplines.

Basic knowledge in plant physiology, horticulture or related disciplines.

A student understands the principles of postharvest physiology, storage technology and pre- and postharvest factors affecting the internal and external quality of horticultural crops.

Period I, in uneven years.

Postharvest physiology, pre- and postharvest factors influencing the quality of horticultural products, cooling, storaging and transportation.

26 h lectures, 30 h group work, 70 h independent study. The course includes lab exercise and an excursion.

Wills, R., McGlasson, B., Graham, D. & Joyce, D. (2007) Postharvest. An Introduction to the Physiology & Handling of Fruit, Vegetables & Ornamentals.

Grading scale 0-5. Group work (a written assignment and presentation) 25 %, exam 75 %.

University lecturer Pauliina Palonen

Replaces the former course 824000 (PTARH303) Postharvest physiology and technology, 5 cr.