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22.10.2019 at 08:00 - 11.11.2019 at 23:59


Thu 21.11.2019
12:00 - 16:00


Primarily for the Master’s students specializing in Animal Breeding, Animal Science or in MSc programmes including statistics subject.

Required courses Jalostuksen perusteet and Tilastollisia malleja 1.

Recommended courses Tilastollisten tietojenkäsittelyohjelmistojen sovellukset, Jalostusohjelmat ja kotieläinbiotekniikka and basic skills in R programming and matrix algebra would be advantageous.

Modelling and statistical methods for quantitative trait variation. After the course, students can handle the basic linear model analyses and understand the concepts fixed and random effects and the related assumptions (including linear dependencies) and are able to use R programs for data management and statistical analysis.

Period I, in uneven years

Description of the variation in data with linear models, statistical analysis of data (fixed effect models) and interpretation of the results. The course starts with summary of basic matrix algebra and R programming (recommended web course Tilastollinen mallintaminen R ohjelmistolla by Jarkko Isotalo).

42 h lectures + demonstrations, 93 h homework.

Discovering Statistics Using R by Field, Miles and Field, 2012, SAGE Publications Ltd

Grading scale 0-5. Exam 50% and home work 50%.

Professor Pekka Uimari

Replaces the former course 81510 (KEJAL410) Lineaariset mallit, 5 cr.