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11.2.2020 at 08:00 - 2.3.2020 at 23:59


Thu 12.3.2020
12:00 - 16:00


The principal target group is the students specializing in Environmental Soil Science. This course is also suitable for other students who have a solid basis of soil science.

Primary prerequisite for attending the course is a B.Sc. level knowledge of soil science. If the content of the B.Sc. degree is other than soil science, the student has to pass the literature exam MAAT-407 Environmental Soil Science Readings I as a prerequisite for enrolling on the course, and AGRI-411 Soil hydrology is highly recommended. The participants are supposed to know how to use Excel for basic level calculations.

The student learns comprehensively the structure, chemical composition and charge characteristics of different clay minerals, organic material and short-range-ordered oxides and the roles of these components on soil processes. The learning objectives include understanding the main sorption, buffering and redox phenomena and their impact on the forms and solubility of various elements in soil.

After the course the student knows the importance of ion pairs and complex formation in soil solution chemistry and is able to draw stability diagrams on the basis of chemical reactions and their equilibrium constants and is able to interpret these diagrams. The student also knows the main transport processes and factors affecting them in soil. The student can formulate flux and transport equations, and apply analogies and simple models to understand case problems of material and energy fluxes in soil.

Period III, in even years.

Details of the most important soil colloids, sorption and buffering reactions, chemical equilibria in soil and stability diagrams, complex and ion pair formation and their importance in soil reactions, redox processes as well as transport processes and pathways in soil. The course contains exercises that will be evaluated by the teachers.

38 h contact teaching, 95 h independent study. Final examination, exercises.

Material and literature will be provided during the course.

Grading scale. 0-5. Final examination 60 %, exercises 40 %.

University lecturer Asko Simojoki

Replaces the former course 81786 (MAA500) Advanced soil science, 5 cr.