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24.12.2019 at 08:00 - 13.1.2020 at 23:59


Thu 23.1.2020
12:00 - 16:00


PhD students in Environmental Soil Science and other students who wish to become familiar with advanced literature in their field of studies of soil related issues.

The aim is to deepen the knowledge of current issues and theories of Environmental Soil Science.

General examination dates in all semesters (3-5 examination dates each semester).

Written and oral examination, literature agreed with the professor.

80-160 h written and oral examination, Independent study.

  1. Selected books, for instance, from the list below.
  2. F.J. Stevenson & M.A. Cole: Cycles of soil: carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, micronutrients. 2. painos, John Wiley & Sons, New York 1999. 427 s.
  3. T. J. Marshall, J. W. Holmes & C. W. Rose: Soil physics.3. painos. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1996. 452 s.
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  10. H.P. Ritzema: Drainage Principles and Applications. 2. painos. ILRI Publications 16, Wageningen 1994. 1107 s.
  11. O.K. Borggaard & B. Elberling: Pedological biogeochemistry. Department of Natural Sciences and Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 2007. 353 s.
  12. J.L. Havlin, S.L. Tisdale, W.L. Nelson & J.D. Beaton: Soil fertility and fertilizers: An introduction to nutrient management. 8. painos.W.H. Prentice Hall 2014. 516 s.
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  16. B.J.A Alloway (toim): Micronutrient deficiencies in global crop production. Springer Verlag. 2008. 353 s.

Written and oral examination. Grading scale 0-5.

Available in English for the Master’s students specializing in Environmental Soil Science