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Registration and fee

Opintomaksu koostuu kahdesta osasta:

  • Avoimen yliopiston osuus
  • Opetuksen järjestävälle oppilaitokselle maksettava osuus

Opintoihin ilmoittaudutaan sekä opetusta järjestävään oppilaitokseen että Avoimeen yliopistoon.

Saat oppilaitokseltasi ohjeet Avoimeen yliopistoon ilmoittautumista varten. Ilmoittautuminen Avoimeen yliopistoon on sitova, ja se tulee tehdä viimeistään opintojen alkaessa.

Opintoja, ilmoittautumista ja opintomaksuja koskevat tarkemmat tiedot löydät oppilaitoksen omilta sivuilta.

Varaamme oikeuden muutoksiin opinto-ohjelmassa.


Elementary Chinese 2, or equivalent studies. If you are unsure about your level before registering, contact the course teacher.

After completing the course, students are expected to be able to: 1. Use many of the key structures in Chinese language 2. Understand the main content of general text and clear speech 3. Are familiar with a number of Chinese customs and culture 4. Master around 150 Chinese characters 5. Express themselves in everyday situations, both orally and in writing.

The course topics include transportation, hobbies, health, weather, studies, travel, etc. Grammatical topics will include the past tense, the perfect tense, the way to express approximate numbers, shi&.de to emphasize, the complicated sentences as attributives, etc.

Listening, reading and writing exercises, oral exercises in pairs and in groups, as well as independent work (home assignments, essays, online assignments).

This is a pass/fail course. Evaluation is based on the aspects mentioned under the course objectives. Continuous evaluation: small review tests, regular and active participation in classroom work, completion of the home assignments.

This is a teacher-instructed course with 28 hours of contact teaching and 26 hours of independent work. Minimum course attendance: 75%.

The course is preceded by Elementary Chinese 2; After completion of this course, students can continue with Elementary Chinese 4.