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Koronavirustilanne ja sen vaikutus kurssin opetukseen (5.5.2020): Kurssi on peruttu kesältä 2020. Kurssi siirtyy kesäopetukseen 2021 (alustava ajankohta toukokuu).

Registration and fee

75 euroa. Lisätietoja.

Avoimen yliopiston kesäopetus on maksutonta ilmoittautumishetkellä läsnä oleville Helsingin yliopiston perustutkinto-opiskelijoille. Maksuttomuus ei koske mahdollista materiaalimaksua.


Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the following:

  • An in-depth knowledge about the trajectory of history in a given region and period of Asia.
  • An understanding of both scholarly and popular points of contention.
  • Awareness concerning politicized interpretations and usage of history.
  • Appreciation of newer approaches to critical understanding of the past.

Our understanding of the human past is influenced by both textual traditions and lived practices of heritage and memory. Across many countries of Asia debates over interpretations of history, from ancient to contemporary, are dynamic and highly emotive. Courses on Asian history and memory survey a diverse range of regions, topics and time spans. They highlight social and cultural processes alongside political developments, and further situate these within both scholarly debates and popular contexts. New approaches to history include but are not limited to, histories of memory, emotion and environment.

KUKA-AA212 Aasian kulttuurit ja uskonnot nimi vaihtuu 1.8.2020 KUKA-AA212 Historia ja muistamisen käytännöt Aasiassa