Kaisa_2012_3_photo by Veikko Somerpuro

Opintojakso on yhteisopetusta, jossa Avoimen yliopiston opiskelijat osallistuvat koulutusohjelman järjestämään opetukseen. Opintojaksolla on rajallinen määrä paikkoja.

Hyvä huomioida: Opetukseen saattaa tulla muutoksia poikkeustilanteen vaatimista järjestelyistä johtuen. Muutokset päivitetään järjestelmiin ja niistä tiedotetaan tarvittaessa ilmoittautuneille opiskelijoille.

16.11.2020. Opetuskieli päivitetty englannista suomeksi.



Registration and fee

75 euros. More information

Registration begins 45 days before the beginning of the course. The exact registration time is shown by clicking the Register button.

How can I become a student?
During your studies
Arrangements for students in need of special support

The course is organized in co-operation with the KUMA. KUMA arranges the course in which the Open University students attend (max 5-10 students). They registrate themselves via Open University's study programme (Enrol).

HY students registrate themselves via Weboodi (KUMA-MU502).

Open University reserves the right to make changes to the study programme.


Course is suitable if you have had museology studies (at least (AY)KUMA-MU501 and (AY)KUMA-MU502) or have the ability to review required skills independently.

Students will be able to discuss key issues concerning a specialist theme within the field of Museums and Learning. This course is arranged in co-operation with museums and requires a commitment to the hands-on projects outside the weekly lectures.

Students may also select a corresponding course from a related discipline, in discussion with the university lecturer, as a substitute for this course. The potential substitute course has to thematically fit the course outline of the (AY)KUMA-MU503.

Lecture course and a museum project.

To be specified at time of course delivery.

Evaluation focuses on the achievement of learning outcomes as evidenced in the course assignments and participation in class.

Grades 0-5.

Previous studies:

Preferably after (AY)KUMA-MU501 and (AY)KUMA-MU502.

Since the course is on the master’s level, students are expected to have previously completed university studies and/or have the ability to review required skills independently.

Participation and the project report + presentation.

Mandatory attendance: 90 %.

Museology studies.