Kuva: Maya Pillai

Deep Dive Into Modern Web Development

Learn React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, and GraphQL in one go!

This course will introduce you to modern JavaScript-based web development. The main focus is on building single page applications with ReactJS that use REST APIs built with Node.js.

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Registration and fee

Free of charge

Registration instructions

No preregistration. You will be instructed to register for the course through the Open University after you have completed assignments in the MOOC learning environment and are ready to take the exam.

1. Complete the assignments in the MOOC online learning environment. No course registration required.

2. Once you are ready to take the exam, you need to register for the course through the Open University. You will find instructions for registration in the Part 0 - General info section. Register for the course according to the instructions and continue studying on the course in the online learning environment Moodle.

Please note:

  • Registration at the Open University ends 9.1.2021.
  • If you wish to have the ECTS entered in the University of Helsinki’s student records, you must register for the course at the Open University.
  • If you do not have a Finnish personal identity code, please contact the University of Helsinki Admission Services in order to register for the course.
  • Course materials (without ECTS) are available for everyone without officially enrolling on the course.
  • Students and international students at the University of Helsinki can enrol on the course with their University of Helsinki username.

Open University reserves the right to make changes to the study programme.


The course is suitable for Computer Science and Information Technology students, for those working on the field and for advanced amateur programmers. You can take the course as part of Digital Education For All (DEFA) studies

Contact information:

The course is completed in the MOOC learning environment and Moodle 15.3.2020-10.1.2021. The MOOC environment contains the material and instructions necessary for completing the course. The last day to enrol on the course is 9.1.2021. The deadline for submissions is 10.1.2021. July 2020 course completetions will be registered in August 2020.

Online learning environment Moodle opens on 15.3.2020. You will be able to log in to the course's Moodle after completing the course assignments in the MOOC environment and registering on the course.

How to get the Moodle-link and course key?

Next day after registration: log into this study programme with your University of Helsinki username. You will receive more information on the username after registration.

You don’t have to register for online examinations.

If you need some special arragements or support for the examination, contact your education specialist at least 10 days beforehand.

Matti Luukkainen

The course is part of the subject studies in Computer Science.