Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
DevOps with Docker 2021 Flexible start 3 Cr Online Course 17.3.2021 - 13.12.2021 Distance learning Open university
DevOps with Docker 2021 3 Cr Online Course 17.3.2021 - 13.12.2021 Helsinki Open university
Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
DevOps with Docker 3 Cr Online Course 15.4.2020 - 24.1.2021 Distance learning Open university
DevOps with Docker, 2019 3 Cr Online Course 15.4.2019 - 17.1.2020 Distance learning Open university

Target group

Optional course for the Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science

This course is available to students from other degree programmes.


Student needs to have good CLI skills and a general understanding of software development.

Learning outcomes

1-3 credits depending on course exercise completion.

1. credit: Student has learned what docker is and knows how to use it in different scenarios.
2. credit: Student has general understanding of docker-compose and is able to implement advanced docker configurations.
3. credit: Student has deeper understanding of docker ecosystem and its use cases.


Recommended time of completion is at the 2nd year of computer science studies.

This course will be offered between autumn and spring terms as a focused course over winter.

This course is also to be offered in summer in the 5th period.


The course is an introductory course to Docker and docker-compose and their usage in single host deployments. Course will also introduce other container management tools.

Course will also look into what different parts web services consist of such as reverse proxies, caches and databases.

Activities and teaching methods in support of learning

Paja exercise groups held in Exactum.

Study materials

Recommended to read during the course: Docker documentation

especially parts "get started"

Assessment practices and criteria

Fail / Pass grading with completion of course exercises.

Recommended optional studies

Shell Scripting

Computing Tools for CS Studies (Tietokone Työvälineenä)

Relation to other study units

The course is part of the subject studies in Computer Science.

Completion methods

The course is offered as a distance learning course. Exercise groups (paja) are optional. Course exercises are delivered online.