Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Functional Programming II, 2020-2021 5 Cr Online Course 1.1.2021 - 31.8.2021 Distance learning Open university

Target group

The course is suitable for students who

  • have completed the course Functional Programming I
  • have studied the basics of programming: Introduction to Programming & Advanced Course in Programming, or similar competence.


Before taking this course, you should have completed Functional Programming I.

Learning outcomes

After the course you

  • have more experience in functional programming,
  • understand the role of side effects in functional programming, and
  • know more Haskell programming techniques.


Central topics are:

  • side effects in functional programming (the monad structure in Haskell),
  • features and libraries of the Haskell programming language,
  • how to use functional programming in a real programming project.

Study materials

The course is based on online material that is available in the MOOC system.

Assessment practices and criteria

The course is graded based on the number of solved exercises. Possible grades: fail / pass / 5.

Relation to other study units

The course is part of the subject studies in Computer Science.