Colloquium is a meeting place for students and teachers in the Computer Science Master's Programme.

The main emphasis of the Colloquium is to guide towards the Master's thesis. Participation to the Colloquium is a compulsory part of the studies for students in the Computer Science Master's Programme. The 5 credits can be earned during the first year. The meetings work also as information and discussion events, and are open to everyone interested in hearing the latest topics of theses conducted at the CS programme. Namely, the main part of the program consist of presentations of students already conducting their Master's theses; the presentation is a required component of Master's thesis requirements in the CS programme from Autumn 2017 onwards.



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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 2.5.2019 at 13:12


the program of the last Colloquium event starts to shape up. Check:

There might be some changes still, so please check the final program closer to the event (aiming to fix the program on May 7th, and announce it on Moodle then).

Currently there are three sessions with thesis talks / research group presentations, and the final feedback session. The sessions start sharp 10.00, 11.00, 13.00 and 14.00.

To get the points from this last event, it is sufficient to attend ONE of the three first sessions and submit a learning diary. The fourth (=last) session has more light program (not enough for learning diary) with feedback, some summary of the academic year, look out for next year etc. Hopefully this last session will attract many of you anyways (including those who already have the required points): there will be a good selection of refreshments in the end.



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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 1.4.2019 at 18:09


the next colloquium event on 5th April, 2019, is a special one: We will have three parallel sessions according to study tracks (14-15), followed up by a joint poster exhibition by research groups (15-16). Also students of Data Science Master's Programme join the poster session. There will be some refreshments. The detailed agenda is below. Please mark you calendars the location of your chosen study track session.

B120 Algorithms study track, 14-15
* Mikko Koivisto, Sums of Products Research group, 14.15-14.45
* Discussion & study counselling, 14.45-15
* Moving to poster session, 1. floor hallway

B222 Networking and Services study track, 14-15
* Samu Varjonen, Megasense project, 14.15-14.45
* Discussion, 14.45-15
* Moving to poster session, 1. floor hallway

C222 Software Systems study track, 14-15
* Master's thesis presentations, 14.15-15
* * Minna Sarakontu, Designing & Developing a Scalable Web UI: A Case Study, supervisors
* * Johanna Wahtera, Integrating Usability Engineering to Software Development: A Case Study
* * Heini Haatanen, Taidot joita edellytetään liketoiminnan automatisointiin RPA:n keinoin
* Moving to poster session, 1. floor hallway

1. floor hallway, poster exhibition by research groups, 15-16
negative relevance feedback
phylogentic tree of scientific writing
Towards Goal-aware Collaboration in Artistic Agent Societies
Software Design for Autonomous Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Robot
Product management intelligence
Tunneling on Wheeler Graphs
Learning Rate Adaptation for Differentially Private Deep Learning
Bacterial Strain Identification from Sequencing Data
Multi-model data management
Minimum Segmentation for Pan-genomic Founder Reconstruction in Linear Time
ViraPipe: scalable parallel pipeline for viral metagenome analysis from next generation sequencing reads
ICON: Intelligent Container Overlays
Redesigning MPTCP for Edge Clouds
Causality Discovery for Nonlinear Time Series
Cooperation-Awareness and Creative Self-adaptivity (CACS)
Counting and Sampling Markov Equivalent Directed Acyclic Graphs
Tortoise or Hare? Quantifying the Effects of Performance on Mobile App Retention
Human-guided data exploration using constrained randomisation

Learning diary deadline: Thursday 11th April, 23:59
Peer-review deadline: Thursday 25th April, 23:59

See you next Friday!

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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 26.2.2019 at 17:13


the program of our next CS Colloquium meeting this Friday 1st March 14:15-15:45 CK112 is as follows:

Presentations (chair: Valtteri Niemi)

Master's thesis presentations
* Eero Sääksvuori: Vulnerabilities of WebKit
* Kim Martesuo: Collaboration between software developers and designers in agile teams

Available thesis topics / research group presentation
* Nikolaj Tatti: Balancing information exposure in social networks

News on recent activities (Veli Mäkinen)

See you on Friday!


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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 25.1.2019 at 8:30
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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 16.1.2019 at 18:02

Moodle works again. Deadlines have been shifted by 1 working day forward. That is, new deadline for home assignment is this Friday, 23:55. Peer-reviewing starts on Monday noon.

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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 15.1.2019 at 18:39

There is some problem in moodle service, so that submission of home assignments do not currently work. It is being fixed. We will postpone the deadlines accordingly if needed.

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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 8.1.2019 at 17:45


the program of our next CS Colloquium meeting this Friday 11th January 14:15-15:45 CK112 is as follows:

Summer internships

Opening words (Tiina Rytty)
About department's summer job positions (Veli Mäkinen)
Information about Finnish work life and about career course in Kumpula (Minna-Rosa Kanniainen)

Available thesis topics / research group presentation

Associate Professor Laura Ruotsalainen: Spatiotemporal Data Analysis

Master's thesis presentations (chair: Veli Mäkinen)

Massimo Equi: Pattern Matching in Labeled Graphs

See you on Friday!


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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 30.11.2018 at 11:17

Dear all,

the need for more study guidance was one of the key issues raising from the presemo questionary feedback from our previous event. This request is now answered: please attend the guidance workshop advertised below.

Dear CS master's student,

We are organising a guidance workshop on

Friday 14.12.2018 at 14.15-16:00 in Exactum D122


Study Planning in the CS masters (both old and new programmes)

Bring your own laptop and you can create your own personal study plan
(PSP, HOPS) during the meeting.

Students in the current programme will use the study planning tool

Students following the degree structure of the former programme must
graduate by Summer 2020 and use the personal study planning tool in OODI.

There are teachers available to answer your questions about the degree
structure and feasible selections within it.

With kind regards,
Tiina Niklander
university instructor, PSP coordinator

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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 9.11.2018 at 13:34

Dear CS Colloquium participants,

Here is the program for our event next week Friday, 16th November, 14-16 CK112:

Presemo questionary on study experiences on period I (take your laptop with)

List of accepted theses since the last meeting

Master's thesis presentations:
Language and the brain: uncovering human information processing with ML methods
Emergence of practical language in multi-agent systems
Projektin aikainen testaaminen ja testien siirtäminen ylläpitoon

Discussion on presemo analysis

See Wiki and Moodle for more information, including links to background material, deadlines for returning your learning diary, etc.


Veli Mäkinen & Tiina Rytty

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Veli Mäkinen

Published, 7.9.2018 at 17:38

Dear CS Colloquium participants,

our first meeting is on next week Friday. Check the Wiki / Moodle pages linked from the course page for detailed program and guidelines for home work related to the presentations. Home work instructions will be finalized on next Thursday, but there is already background material and a preliminary list of questions so you can prepare mentally to reserve some time after the event to complete the home work.

Program Friday 14.9.2018 14-16 CK112
14.15-14.20 Welcome words - Veli Mäkinen
14.20-14.25 Home work assignments - Tiina Rytty
14.25-14.50 Algorithms study track
- List of accepted theses since the last meeting
- Available thesis topics: Professor Sakari Kuikka, Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme
- Master's thesis presentation: Safe and Complete Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure
14.50-15.15 Networking and Services study track
- List of accepted theses since the last meeting
- Research group presentation: Professor Keijo Heljanko, Big Data Platforms for Next Generation Sequencing Pipelines
15.15-15.35 Software Systems study track
- List of accepted theses since the last meeting
- Master's thesis presentation: An implementation research on software defect prediction using machine learning
15.45 Discussion over refreshments


Veli Mäkinen


Book your Master's thesis presentation slot here:

For other kind of items to the programme (thesis topic presentations, research group presentations, etc.), please modify directly the Wiki page (university personnel has edit rights) or consult Veli Mäkinen:

Fri 14.9.2018
14:15 - 16:00
Fri 16.11.2018
14:15 - 16:00
Fri 11.1.2019
14:15 - 16:00
Fri 1.3.2019
14:15 - 16:00
Fri 5.4.2019
14:15 - 16:00
Tue 14.5.2019
08:15 - 16:00

Other teaching


Conduct of the course

Attend at least 5 meetings, write learning diary on each, and conduct peer review. If you miss a meeting, you can alternatively write your learning diary based on some recent Master's thesis you have studied. There are at least 5 meetings in a year, so the course can be completed within two semesters. You can register to the course at any time and continue next year until meeting the requirements: if you meet the criteria before the end of the Spring semester, please contact the lecturer for getting your credits. If this is the last course missing from your degree, contact the lecturer for tailored compensatory assignments.


Master's Programme in Computer Science is responsible for the course.

The course belongs to the Advanced studies in computer science CSM10000 module.

The course is not available to students from other degree programmes.

No prerequisites.

Master's thesis in computer science.

Other courses that support the further development of the competence provided by this
course: Academic writing courses

An ability to give scientific presentations. An ability to peer-review and give feedback on written work and on presentations. Improved scientific writing skills on computer science topics. To obtain an overview of current topics in computer science research groups and activities of the local ICT sector.

Active attendance during the 2-year Master's Programme.

There will be 4-6 full day meetings per year.

Scientific presentations by Master's students, Doctoral students, researchers, Faculty members, and visitors. Invited talks introducing local ICT sector activities.

There will be separate sessions for each study track. Possibly other activities like poster sessions presenting project course results, etc., will be organized in parallel.

Small scientific essays and peer-review of them helps in reflecting if the message of the talks has been transferred.

Peer support also works for improving presentation skills.

Grading is fail/pass. The course can be marked once enough activity is achieved, after first year typically. Second year activity is only related to Master's thesis.

Course is recommended to be completed during the first year of Master's Programme by attending 5 meetings and completing associated assignments, like writing of small scientific essays or learning diaries and peer-reviewing them.

Note that Master's thesis requirements include giving a presentation on one's Master's thesis topic at the Colloquium, and this presentation is expected to be given after the completion of the Colloquim as a course (after seeing examples from previous year thesis presentations).