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9.12.2019 at 09:00 - 28.4.2020 at 23:59


Master's Programme in Computer Science, Optional Course for Advanced Studies in Networking.

Course is open to other degree programmes.

No formal prerequisites, see recommended time above for details.

See recommended time above.

The course allows individuals to deepen their knowledge of Internet of Thing and familiarize with a topic of their choice in relation to the IoT ecosystem.

The course teaches academic review, writing and presentation skills, allowing participants to experience reviewing papers, writing conference-style papers, and giving conference style presentations.

Recommended after completion of at least one of the following courses:

Introduction to the Internet of Things
Distributed Systems
Mobile Sensing
Cloud and Edge Computing
Introduction to Data Science
Introduction to Big Data Management

The variations in the recommended courses is due to the fact Internet of Things ecosystem is typically split into three layers: sensing, networking, and management layers. To maximally benefit from the seminar, it is highly recommend to have at least basic knowledge of issues surrounding one of these layers.

The course will be offered during Spring 2020 in periods 3 and 4. During period 4, there are supervision meetings that can be scheduled individually, and an end seminar that is held at the end of the period.

The course is currently not scheduled to repeat.

Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of Internet connectivity into everyday objects and physical devices. Initially IoT focused on adding connectivity to everyday objects, e.g., one of the earliest examples of IoT devices was a vending machine that could be accessed over the Internet. In recent years, however, the vision has evolved from mere connectivity into provisioning of a global platform where devices are not merely passive objects as part of the Internet, but active contributors, e.g., through computational capabilities, sensors, or other functionality. The Seminar on the Internet of Things is a research-oriented seminar that allows the individual to familiarize with different issues around IoT and practice academic writing. The seminar is organized in two parts: the first period focuses on familiarizing oneself with IoT topics and the second part focuses on preparing a research presentation. The presentation will be peer-reviewed by other participants and presented during a mini-conference at the end of the seminar.

The seminar covers research papers around IoT. Examples can be found from the slides of the course Introduction to the Internet of Things.

Grading is based on the seminar paper, the seminar presentation, and general activity during the seminar.

The course requires attendance during the scheduled meetings. The particpants are required to write a seminar paper and present it at the end of the seminar.

Associate Professor, Petteri Nurmi.

Doctoral Student, Agustin Zuniga.