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This courses focuses on security in networks, including internet security issues, issues in 4G networks as well as the issues and remedies planned for the upcoming 5G network. This includes also relevant cryptography topics. Architectural analysis of existing (software) systems will be also visited, and selected methods for log mining for the purposes of identifying and tackling attacks will be studied.

The course also contains a project with intrusion and intrusion detection tools.

The course consists of 3 mooc courses:
- Advanced Topics 3 CR (ECTS)
- Course Project II 1 CR (ECTS)
- Capture The Flag 1 CR (ECTS)

The material can be found at https://cybersecuritybase.mooc.fi



The timetable for the subcourses are

Advanced Topics: Schedule: 13.1.2020 - 22.2.2020
Course Project II: Schedule: 24.2.2020 - 9.3.2020
Capture The Flag: Schedule: 9.3.2020 - 16.3.2020

Other teaching


Students from Master's Programme in Computer Science. Course is also available to students from other degree programmes.

This MOOC course gives an introduction to topics such as: cybersecurity, operative security, secure programming (esp. within web), vulnerabilities in software systems and detection of them required remedies.

Recommended time/stage of studies for completion: 2. or 3. year of studies.

The course is offered every year, in the 3rd teaching period.

Course focuses on building core knowledge and abilities related to the work of a cyber security professional. Learn about tools used to analyse flaws in software systems, necessary knowledge to build secure software systems (esp. within Web), the skills needed to perform risk and threat analysis on existing systems.

The tasks done on the course are tracked in the MOOC and the grading is passed or failed. The course comprises of three parts: advanced topics (3 ECTS), Project II (1 ECTS), and Capture the Flag (1 ECTS). The total amount of received ECTS depends on the passed course parts.

This course is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Samu Varjonen