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This year the CVM Autumn seminar concentrates on ethical aspects of research. Both research ethics and animal ethics are discussed. The seminar includes the possibility to complete the obligatory research ethics course. Please find instructions in "Materials" section below.

Participation includes preparing a short talk on the ethical questions related to your research topic. More detailed instructions are given after the registration time has ended.

Supervisors and other interested are invited to participate. However, if you plan to attend the animal ethics workshop, full-time active participation in the workshop is expected! If you are not able to register through Weboodi, you can send email to cvm-info@helsinki.fi

12.8.2019 at 09:00 - 17.9.2019 at 16:00


Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Thu 3.10.2019
08:30 - 19:00
Fri 4.10.2019
08:30 - 11:00
Fri 4.10.2019
12:00 - 16:00


Preliminary schedule and instructions in the file below. More detailed instructions are available to registered participants.


CVM degree programme is responsible for the course. This course belongs to Scientific content studies module. The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

No prior doctoral education is required.

Doctoral candidates becomes aware of the progression colleagues research and current processes in CVM doctoral education (CVM and faculties recommendations and obligations), career prospects and networks with other doctoral candidates and supervisors.

Annual meeting for updating current doctoral candidate research and relevant topics.

The course is usually offered in the autumn term every year, most likely in teaching period II.

One-two days of lectures, discussions, group works and assignments.

1-2 cr. Credits may vary annually.

Lectures, poster and/or oral presentations of the research, interactive discussions, group works and assignments as contact teaching.

Recommended supplementary material defined typically before the course in web sites of CVM, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine or Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

Approximate credits: attendance 0,5-1.0 cr, poster/oral presentation 0.5-1.0 cr.

Instruction language: English.

CVM planning officer, Student council and other CVM members.