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1.6.2020 at 00:00 - 14.6.2020 at 22:00


Students studying at the Meilahti Campus. The course is obligatory for all students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Note that Instead of the course DIGI-300C, the study programmes listed below include a course of their own.

  • Degree Programme in Medicine: DIGI-300B Student's digital skills: advanced skills – medicine 1 cr
  • Degree Programme in Dentistry: DIGI-300B Student's digital skills: advanced skills – medicine 1 cr

Obligatory preceding course: DIGI-300A Student’s digital skills: orientation or an equivalent course in other study programmes (DIGI-000A, DIGI-100A, DIGI-200A, DIGI-400A, AYDIGI-500A).

The student knows how to choose the right tool for each task and is familiar with the basic use of each tool. In addition, the student knows how to transfer data between different programs.

The course will be taken after the completion of the course DIGI-000A Student’s digital skills: orientation. It is recommended that the course be completed by the end of the first year of studies.

Organised annually in the autumn and spring terms.

On this course, the student learns the basics of modifying and presenting data.

The self-study materials for the competence test of the course (Advanced skills, 1 sp):


This is a Pass/Fail course. To pass the course, you need to score at least 70% of the test’s maximum points.

First log in to the Moodle course area: DIGI-300C Student's digital skills: advanced skills (Meilahti). The instructions for taking the course can be found in the course area. You will study independently using the online course materials (reading material, exercises and entry level tests). You will find these in the course area. The course is completed with a final examination taken as an online examination, also in the course area.

When you feel ready, register for the online examination period of your choice in WebOodi. During the academic year, there are several examination periods and you can choose the one that is best suited to your schedules. The course area is available throughout the academic year. You can practise freely with the course materials also outside the examination period you chose. The scores of the entry level tests you have taken are stored in the course area until the end of the academic year. However, note that it is recommended that the course be completed at the beginning of the first year of studies, in period I or II.

You can find the password that opens the exam on the course page after you have saved your registration for the exam (see MATERIALS). Note that the course page and the Moodle course area are different things.

It is prohibited to share the password with anyone. Participation in the online examination always requires a personal registration in WebOodi. Unfortunately, the results of anyone participating in the exam without registration cannot be registered.

If you cannot participate the online examination, cancel your registration in WebOodi at the latest on the last registration date.

You can attempt an exam twice in each exam period. Please note that there is a period of a week between the attempts, during which you cannot attempt the exam again.

The Educational Technology Services of the University of Helsinki is responsible for the course (digiskills@helsinki.fi).

The course is the second part of the course DIGI-300, Student’s digital skills: orientation (Meilahti), 3 sp. In addition, the following course should be taken: DIGI-300A Student’s digital skills: orientation (Meilahti), 1 sp.