Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Book exam (1-10 ECTS) 1 Cr Examination 1.8.2020 - 31.7.2021
Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Book exam 1 Cr Course 1.8.2019 - 31.7.2020

Target group

The Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine coordinates the course.

This is an optional course.

The course is part of the discipline-specific studies module.

Module level: Doctoral degree/EQF-level 8

Learning outcomes

Book examinations help doctoral students develop their expertise and theoretical knowledge of their research field. Examinations can be an effective tool in familiarizing students with their field, especially at the beginning of studies, thus establishing a framework for later research. At the end of doctoral studies, the book examination deepens the understanding and knowledge of the research field.


The course can be completed at any stage of studies. Can be organized in the spring and autumn terms.


Depends on the book examination in question


Completion requires passing an examination

Study materials

The examination literature will be agreed upon on a case-to-case basis together with the examiner.

Assessment practices and criteria

Pass/fail, attendance required

100 pages 1 ECTS / max. 1000 pages 10 ECTS.

Relation to other study units

DPBM-123 (1-10 ECTS)
DPBM-190 (1-5 ECTS)
DPBM-191 (1-5 ECTS)
The maximum number of credits from Book exams is 10 ECTS.
You can take the maximum of two exams.

If the exam is 6-10 ECTS, use the code DPBM-123. Otherwise use the code DPBM-190 or DPBM-191.

Additional information

Please note! A doctoral candidate is independently expected to find an examiner and arrange an examination with her/him.

After the examination the examiner sends the following information to the Faculty

Meilahti-register -at- (Faculty of Medicine)
Viikki-register –at- (Faculties on the Viikki campus)

Doctoral candidate’s name and UH student number
Number of credits: (1-10 ECTS)
Assessment: Pass/fail
Date of the examination
Language of the examination
Examiner’s name


No WebOodi / Sisu registration.
In Sisu apply for a personalized evaluation (from June 2021 on)


You can select the code DPBM-123, if you take an exam of 6-10 ECTS otherwise select the code DPBM-190 / DPBM-191