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• The Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences coordinates the course.
• This is an optional course.
• The course is part of the scientific content training module.
• Module level: Doctoral degree/EQF-level 8

Book examinations help doctoral students develop their expertise and theoretical knowledge of their research field. Examinations can be an efficient way to familiarise students with their field, especially in the beginning of studies, thus establishing a framework for later research. At the end of doctoral studies, the book examination deepens the understanding and knowledge of the research field.

Anytime. An examiner and PhD candidate arrange an examination.

Completion requires passing an examination. Max. two 1-5 ECTS examinations. Two examinations can be combined as one 6-10 ECTS examinations.

Book examination literature

  • 100 pages 1 Cr.
  • 1000 pages 10 Cr.


  • 100 pages / 1 Cr.
  • max. 1000 pages / 10 Cr.

After the Phd candidate has passed the exam, the examiner reports the doctoral programme by sending the following information:

Course code: DPBM-123

Student: First and last name

Student number

Number of credits: (1 ECTS/100 pages, max. 10 ECTS)

Name of book(s)/literature

Language of the exam

Date of the exam

A doctoral candidate is expected to find an examiner independently. The examiner is principally the person in charge of the discipline or supervisor or some other specialist in the field.

Professor in charge / supervisor /other specialist in the field