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1.8.2019 at 12:00 - 31.10.2019 at 23:59



• Compulsory/optional course: optional
• The Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine coordinates the course
• The course is part of the Field-Specific Studies module
• The course is available to students of other degree programmes

Students learn the power of CRISPR genome editing in stem cells and its application in research.

Autumn term

The main idea of the course is to demonstrate the power of CRISPR genome editing in stem cells and its application in research.

DPBM-147 Mini-symposium: participation and pre-assignment 1 ECTS

DPBM-147 Practical course: active participation 1ECTS + DPBM-111 Journal club (participation and presentation) 2 ECTS


NB! The practical course DPBM-147 includes the DPBM-111 Genome Editing Technology Journal Club (2 ECTS) in 2019 (max. 10 participants). The participants are selected based on a motivation letter.

Please, additionally register to the symposium: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/99059/lomake.html

Feedback form: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/99648/lomake.html

Credits: Those who would like to receive a credit from a mini-symposium are expected to write one-page essay: How would you use CRISPR-Cas9 editing in your own project? Please, submit your answer via this link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=WXWumNwQiEKOLkWT5i_j7olJjlaJJT1Cphk46d7QJadUNDBTNlQzT0JGQjg2Wkc0WlRDQlBER1lPRi4u no later than December 11, 2019.

The course consists of the minisymposium (1 day) with invited speakers and practical genome editing workshop (1 day) for selected number of doctorate students. Practical course is accompanied by demo lectures. Students will receive task prior to minisymposium.

Ras Trokovic, Topi Tervonen, Maria Salmela