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14.2.2019 at 09:00 - 8.3.2019 at 23:59


Predominantly for Environmental Change master course students

Bachelor degree in environmental or related sciences

ECGS-031 Arctic climate change

After the course the student:

- has a deeper understanding of Arctic ecosystems and their structure and functioning
- has the ability to analyse and identify climate change impacts on Arctic natural and human systems
- can plan and conduct a small-scale field study on some aspect of Arctic environmental change
- can analyse and interpret field-based data and present key findings of a research exercise
- learns to work in small groups
- can apply achieved information on various topics of environmental management and conservation

The field part of the course will be arranged at the Kilpisjärvi field station between 16-23 of August 2019, and data analyses in Viikki in 26-30 of August.

Key aspects of natural behaviour of Arctic terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and local culture and climate impacts on those entities.

Book exam prior to the course

Small-scale field research including presentation/written report

  • CAFF 2013. Arctic Biodiversity Assessment (selected parts)
  • AMAP 2012. Arctic Climate Issues 2011: Changes in Arctic Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost (selected parts)

Rating 0-5 based on book exam (30 %), group-based field research (50 %) and written report (20 %)

This course is taught by several teachers with expertise in various Arctic ecosystems: Tarmo Virtanen, Sanna Piilo, Jan Weckström, Kaarina Weckström.

Tarmo Virtanen, Kaarina Weckström

Part of the Arctic studies -module.

Replaces the former course 51992 Syventävien opintojen kenttäkurssi Kilpisjärvellä 5 cr.