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14.8.2019 at 09:00 - 1.9.2019 at 23:59


Here is the course’s teaching schedule. Check the description for possible other schedules.

Thu 5.9.2019
10:15 - 11:45
Wed 11.9.2019
12:15 - 15:45
Thu 12.9.2019
08:15 - 11:45
Wed 18.9.2019
10:15 - 13:45
Thu 26.9.2019
10:15 - 11:45


Course is aimed for three groups of students in the Faculty of Educational Sciences: 1) Exchange students (first priority), 2) Doctoral students (quota of 5 students) 3) Students in Master's Programme in Educational Sciences as a part of the optional studies.

The course is obligatory for the exchange students willing to complete the Minor subject Approaches to Education, Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Education.

If there are places left, exchange students from other Faculties are welcomed to participate in the course.

Basic studies in educational sciences

After a completed course the student will have knowledge and understanding in:

  • the basic values, principles and targets of primary and secondary education;
  • main background of curriculum development and reforms of Finnish education system
  • Understand the leading principles of the Finnish educational system
  • Have understanding on the historical evolvement of the education system since the 1970s; educational change in Finland in light of European educational reform movement; and future perspectives of formal education in Finland
  • Can compare the Finnish educational system to other major educational systems in the global world
  • Have readiness to discuss about educational systems and also introduce the major features of the Finnish educational system and teacher education to international audiences when working as an educational expert

Course is organized in I and III periods

The aim of the study unit is to encourage the student to understand the origin and development of present Finnish educational system and teacher education.

The unit will focus on education policy, targets, strategies, management system, and legislation and educational changes in Finland. Student becomes familiar within the Finnish educational system and the academic research on it. The study unit is intended for future teachers, students in educational sciences, administrators and researchers.

The Main content of the lectures

The Finnish educational system from international perspectives

  • Value basis
  • Structure
  • Administration and steering system
  • International measurements: What do PISA tells about the Finnish system?

Curriculum system in the Finnish Education

  • Early education, Pre-primary, Basic education, Upper secondary: high schools and vocational education, Higher education, Adult education, Liberal arts
  • The new national core curricula
  • Local curriculum
  • Who are partners in curricula planning

The Finnish Quality assurance system in Education

  • What to assess and why?
  • Evaluation of education and evaluation of students
  • Evaluation methods
  • Evaluation system
  • Finnish National Education Evaluation Center
  • Indicators and data sets/repositories

The Finnish Teacher Education

  • Teacher education institutions in Finland
  • The aims and structure of Teacher Education
  • Teacher qualifications
  • Teachers' professional role and tasks in Finland
  • What makes Finnish teachers different?
  • Challenges of teacher education in Finland

Selected material based on the following list

  • Aho, E., Pitkänen, K. & Sahlberg, P. (2006). Policy development and reform principles of basic and secondary education in Finland since 1968 http://siteresources.worldbank.org/EDUCATION/Resources/278200-1099079877269/547664-1099079967208/Education_in_Finland_May06.pdf
  • Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools. A guide towards New Ecosystem of Learning 2014. (Eds.) Hannele Niemi, Jari Multisilta, Lasse Lipponen ja Marianna Vivitsou
  • Finnish National Board of Education, (2011). The school of opportunities- towards every learner’s full potential. Published online http://oph.fi/download/134584_the_school_of_opportunities.pdf
  • Meri, M. (2013). Finland. In Dörbert, H. & Hörner W. (eds.). Education systems in Europe. Schneider Verlag.
  • Miracle of Education (2nd revised ed.) 2016. (Eds.) Hannele Niemi, Auli Toom, Arto Kallioniemi, Sense Publishers.
  • Results of the latest PISA - measurements and other related materials at the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture: http://minedu.fi/en/pisa-en and on the websites of OECD:n sivuilta: http://www.oecd.org/pisa/
  • Selected research article in journals or books that describe the Finnish educational system and teacher education including also Vocational teacher education

Assessment on the scale 0-5. Required written assignments vary.

The course is based on versatile student-centered teaching-studying-learning method in different studying environment.

Students have reading materials on the Finnish educational system and teacher education that they analyze and reflect on in their assignments. Students are expected to work also collaboratively and share their ideas and thoughts on educational issues. Individual work is included in the course.

All materials are in English and are suitable also for those students who will give a talk or presentation about the Finnish educational system.

Moodle learning environment will be used throughout the course.

Katriina Maaranen, Hannele Niemi, Matti Meri