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20.12.2019 at 11:00 - 31.7.2020 at 18:00


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Primarily master’s students in EEB.

The aim of the course is that students

  • understand the basic concepts and mechanisms of evolution from the level of genes to species.
  • learn basic theory in evolutionary genetics, speciation and phylogenetics
  • learn to perform data analysis independently and apply the evolutionary framework to interpret the results
  • improve their skills in critically reading and reporting on current literature.
  • improve their skills in preparing and presenting a data analysis project

1. year, 1. period, weeks 39-43.

The course consists of independent lectures and three intensive weeks of course work. Lectures cover general evolutionary theory supporting the course literature (Futuyma: Evolution). The lectures and coursework will concentrate on how genes and genomes change during the course of evolution, how we can study them and what can we learn from these studies. During the intensive weeks, students do practical exercises, seminar work and data analysis concentrating on one topic each week: population genetics, quantitative genetics and molecular evolution.

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Douglas J. Futuyma, Mark Kirkpatrick 2017: Evolution, 4th edition

The final grade (1-5) is based on performance during the course work (1-5, 50%) and book exam (1-5, 50%). The book exam must be passed before the final grade is given.

Perttu Seppä

Replaces the former course 52333 Syventävien opintojen kirjatentit: Evolutiikka, Futuyma.