Name Cr Method of study Time Location Organiser
Field course in Mammalian Ecology 5 Cr Field Course 18.9.2017 - 29.9.2017


It is recommended that the student has passed the field course in ecology or basics of game ecology course (MER112).

Learning outcomes

After the course the students can recognize the mammal species living in northern Europe and know their basic ecology. They are also familiar with common methods in mammal research.


Every second year, uneven years, autumn, first period.


Species identification

  • alive animals, photos, tracks, bones, skins
  • sex, maturity and age determination


  • Capturing methods and monitoring (especially small mammals)
  • Marking (+CMR)
  • Dissection and examination (small mammals)
  • Radio-tracking
  • Camera trapping
  • Behavioural tests


  • Population dynamics
  • Parasites and diseases
  • Alien species
  • Humans and other mammals: game and pests
  • Student presentations on various subjects


Ten-day field course at Lammi Biological Station including pre-course assignment to be presented in pairs during the course. This is based on a couple of scientific articles. Course have lectures, demonstrations, excursions and practical work. Practical work-related group project will be presented in the end of the course. There is an exam during the course: 45 h lectures ja demonstrations, 50 h practical, independent and guided, work and 40 h independent studying.

Study materials

It is recommended that the students have a field guide of mammals with them during the course (e.g. Siivonen & Sulkava: Pohjolan nisäkkäät).

Assessment practices and criteria

Grades 0-5. Grade is based on pre-course assignment (abstract+presentation) 1/3, group work 1/3 and exam 1/3.

Relation to other study units

Replaces the former course 523126 Nisäkäsekologian kenttäkurssi 7 cr.

Additional information

Quota: 16 students, 1/3 reserved for forestry/game students.