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5.2.2020 at 08:00 - 25.2.2020 at 23:59


Fri 6.3.2020
12:00 - 16:00


Pakollinen syventäviin opintoihin kuuluva jakso.

Eläinlääketieteen lisensiaatin koulutusohjelma vastaa jaksosta ja se ei ole tarjolla muiden koulutusohjelmien opiskelijoille.

Eläinlääketieteen kandidaatin tutkinto tulee olla suoritettu.

Students understand how environmental hygiene is part of the environmental health and the interactions between environment and health. Students recognize the most important biological, chemical and physical threats from the environment on human health. Students know the processes of preparing administrative decisions on the field of environmental health on municipal and governmental level and are able to use the legislation when preparing decisions.

Students will

  • recognize the concept of healthy environment
  • know how health protection works to protect and improve the living environment of an
    individual and population
  • be able to recognize and proportion the most important biological, chemical and physical
    threats from the environment on human health
  • be able to recognize his/her own responsibilities in municipal preparation and decision
  • be able to update his/her own knowledge

6. lukuvuoden syyslukukausi

The concept of a healthy environment, recognizing and proportioning the most important threats
from the environment on human health (chemical, physical and biological risk factors), quality of
outdoor and indoor air and ground (impact on human health), chemical and microbiological quality
and cleaning methods of swimming and drinking water, waterborne infectious diseases, legislation
concerning drinking water, composting and further processing of sewage, impact of viruses as health hazard and their prevention; most important enteric viruses (rotavirus, hepatitis A, noroviruses) and their circulation, resistance to inactivation and molecular diagnostics; climate change and health effects, environmental impact of agriculture, environmental health in emergency conditions, soil decay.

Korkeala (toim.) Elintarvikehygienia, ympäristöhygienia, elintarvike- ja ympäristötoksikologia. WSOY Oppimateriaalit Oy, 2007. Aila Halonen. Ympäristöterveys ja yhdyskunnat. Suomen kuntaliitto, 2016. http://shop.kunnat.net/download.php?filename=uploads/ymparistoterveys_opas.pdf

Elintarvikehygienian ja ympäristöterveyden osaston opetusmonisteet (ympäristöhygienia). Terveydensuojelulainsäädäntö ja ympäristölainsäädäntö soveltuvin osin. Opintojakson aikana osoitettava muu materiaali.

Täydentävä kirjallisuus:

World Health Organization, Guidelines for drinking-water quality, 4. painos, Geneve 2011. http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/44584/1/9789241548151_eng.pdf

Tentin kesto 4 tuntia

Lectures (47 h), compulsory exercises and group works (30 h), excursions (6 h). Lecture diary. Written examination (4 h).