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18.4.2020 at 08:00 - 8.5.2020 at 23:59



Pakollinen syventäviin opintoihin kuuluva jakso.

Eläinlääketieteen lisensiaatin koulutusohjelma vastaa jaksosta.

Students understand the principles of toxicology and know the adverse health effects and biological impact mechanisms caused by the most significant chemical components, and their risk

Students will be able to

  • explain the principles of toxicological risk analysis
  • explain the kinetics of a foreign substance in humans
  • explain how toxicity of a new chemical substance can be evaluated
  • describe the principles of carcinogenesis
  • name the most significant chemical risk factors in food and drinking water and their potential health hazards in Finland
  • perform the simple Ames test with given chemical and interpret the results correctly

6. lukuvuoden syyslukukausi.

Chemical risk factors pertaining to soil, air, water and food; toxicological risk analysis,
responses of tissues and cells when exposed to chemicals, adverse health effects and biological
impact caused by the most significant chemicals and some physical phenomena (e.g. UV radiation,
fine particles, low-frequency magnetic fields).

Opiskelijoiden ryhmätyölyhennelmät. Korkeala (toim.): Elintarvikehygienia, ympäristöhygienia, elintarvike- ja ympäristötoksikologia. WSOY 2007.
Opintojakson aikana osoitettava muu materiaali.

Lectures (17 h), laboratory work (6 h), group work (12 h) and written examination (2 h).