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The course is mainly targeted for the ENS students. If there are places left, the course is also open for a) students of the EU undergraduate studies programme, b) other students, including exchange students.

Having completed the course unit, the student will be have an advanced understanding of the ways in which migration and political struggles over borders and border concepts in European space can be understood and analysed. The student will have gained insight on how to relate this knowledge about migration and immigration to identity politics and questions connection migration issues to otherness forming processes. The student is able to grasp the ways in which the research tradition of migration studies is part of humanities and social science research.

Not offered every year, teaching period defined in the annual teaching plan.

A detailed reading list will be provided to the students at the beginning of the course.

Required literature:

Marco Martiniello & Jan Rath: An Introduction to International Migration Studies: European Perspectives, Amsterdam University press, 2012.

Andrew Geddes, the Politics of Migration and Immigration in Europe, SAGE, 2003


Language of instruction: English

Contact teaching. In exceptional cases, alternative methods of completion may be agreed upon with the academic coordinator of the programme.