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2.1.2020 at 09:00 - 29.5.2020 at 18:00


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Intermediate-level course on metaphysics or equivalent knowledge.

After completing the course, students will have a profound understanding of different aspects of metaphysics and comprehensive knowledge of one specialised area of metaphysics. The course aims to deepen the students' ability to analyse and understand the different types of argumentation in metaphysics.

Literature will be agreed upon on a case by case basis. Non-exhaustive reading list: A. Bird: Nature's Metaphysics: Laws and Properties (3 cr); M. Devitt: Putting Metaphysics First (3 cr); J. Divers: Possible worlds (5 cr); E. J. Lowe: More Kinds of Being (3 cr); T. Sider: Writing the Book of The World (3 cr); T. E. Tahko (ed.): Contemporary Aristotelian Metaphysics (3 cr); T. E. Tahko: An Introduction to Metametaphysics (3 cr); J. Kim & E. Sosa (eds.): Metaphysics: An Anthology (10 cr); M. Loux & D. Zimmerman (ed.): The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics (excluding section 8) (5 cr)

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Typically a lecture course (3 cr). In addition to this, students will complete a literature examination (2 cr) or an essay (2 cr). All students can also complete the course as a more extensive literature examination (5 cr).