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19.8.2019 at 09:00 - 29.12.2019 at 18:00


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Contemporary Philosophy: Continental, specialisation

After completing the course, students will understand and be able to apply the central research questions, concepts, scientific debate and philosophical argumentation of continental philosophy, in particular French and German philosophy of the 20th century. The students learn to identify and critically assess the positions and arguments of various trends in continental philosophy. Students will be able to apply these to the specialised field of their Master's thesis.

Resources permitting, a lecture course will be offered during periods 1–4.

Students are recommended to select the appropriate literature on the subject matter and immediate background of their Master's thesis. Students are urged to discuss their choices with their Master's thesis supervisor, and the selected literature is always to be agreed upon with the examiner in advance and in good time. The selected literature must always aim to build a sensible whole that is sufficiently coherent in terms of the chosen topic.

General scale

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Resources permitting, a lecture course will be offered. Essay or book exam.