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2.1.2020 at 09:00 - 29.5.2020 at 18:00


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Filosofian kandi- ja maisteriohjelman opiskelijat sekä muiden ohjelmien opiskelijoita

Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, Introduction to Social Philosophy, Social Philosophy

After completing the course, students will understand and be able to apply the central research questions, concepts, scientific debate and philosophical argumentation of feminist philosophy. Students will learn to identify and critically assess the central positions and arguments in feminist philosophy. Students will be able to apply the relevant arguments and their justifications.

Second or third year of the Philosophy Bachelor Programme or the first or second year of the Philosophy Master's Programme

Various trends of feminist philosophy. The course topics link to a number of other fields of practical philosophy, such as ethics, social philosophy and philosophy of the social sciences.

The reading list is a recommendation. The purpose of the list is to guide students in finding appropriate literature, not to direct them to use exactly the literature below in their essays or Examinarium book examinations. Students are recommended to select the appropriate literature on the subject matter and immediate background of their Master's thesis. Students are urged to discuss their choices with their Master's thesis supervisor, and the selected literature is always to be agreed upon with the examiner in advance and in good time. The selected literature must aim to build a sensible whole that is sufficiently coherent in terms of the chosen topic.

L. M. Alcoff: Visible Identities. Race, Gender, and the Self; J. Butler: Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity and Bodies That Matter; M. Gatens: Feminism and Philosophy: Perspectives on Difference and Equality; C. Mackenzie, W. Rogers & S. Dodds (eds.): Vulnerability: New Essays in Ethics and Feminist Philosophy; S. M. Okin: Women in Western Political Thought; J. Oksala & L. Werner (eds.): Feministinen filosofia; L. Tessman (ed.): Feminst Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy: Theorizing the Non-Ideal

General scale

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Resources permitting, a lecture course and its written assignments during the teaching periods, seminar, essay, or an Examinarium book exam.